Our SPA team invites you to feel the renovating effects of water at a relaxing atmosphere.

In sauna, you will dispose of your body toxins and fatty acids; it also helps you to clean up your pores. (please note that our guests under age of 15 are not allowed in)

You will experience the traditional cleaning habit of the Turks while getting all the pleasure you can, out of peeling and foam in our Turkish bath. This traditional method coordinates the circulation of the blood.

Fin bath will regularize your breathing and the steam will help you to clean up the pores.

Let yourself into the hands of our proffessional masseuses and masseurs who know about the human anatomy, and try different massage options such as Far East massage therapy, medical therapy, aromatic therapy…

With face care unit, an intensive cleaning will be applied for suspending metaplasm from your face; and you will have refreshed and pure skin.